This page is an index for marker firing assembly animations that I’ve collected or created. They are organized into groups based upon one possible categorization method. More detailed descriptions of these designs, including their operation and lineage to associated designs, can be found on the marker classification pages.

If you have any additional animations for a production marker not listed here, point them out to me and I will gladly host them.

Credit is listed for animations that don’t have the credit pictured on the anim itself. If it doesn’t say who made it, then I don’t know….if you know who made it please let me know and I’ll post credit on this page.

All animations listed here with the tag were created by myself. My animations are made using the following programs: MS Paint, Jasc Animation Shop 3, Addobe Photoshop (Imageready), Autodesk Inventor. Each animation takes several hours to compile each; this page is representative of days upon days of work.



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