Another Camo comparison thread

Over the last 16 years of ballin, I have gone through a number of different camos.

I started with all black, head to toe. I usually play in the Wisconsin Northwoods. Where the brush is thick, it’s thick. Even the clearings are quite green. Heavy canopy, but this field is right on the river, so there is a lot of light reflecting in:

Using the black was better than most though in this surrounding.

After the black, I switched to Vietnam era Tiger Stripe.

I then made the transition between the TS and the MARPAT. here is a shot where I was using both at the same time………unfortunately, the only shot I have is on the speedball field = all wide open:

Then I went with full MARPAT because it was amazing! Works best in darker woods obviously because of it’s darker color. However, it does utilize shadows really well:

I am now working on the transition to Multicam. I do play in “lighter” areas, and I think the Multicam will prove frugal in such areas.

Here are some comparison shots that I have run across in my internet “travels”:
Putfile | ring’s Photo Album – CamoTest-2

Multicam vs. ACU:

Canadian CADPAT digital:




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