Army of Two Salem Paintball Airsoft Mask-Multicam 2

Army of Two Salem mask
You are looking for “Army of two airsoft & paintball mask” that name’s Salem. It is made from a model that is the most border on the master. It is developed the ventilate system , the steam system(AIR FLOW & FOG FREE) and decorated somewhere to complete. It can be really used in playing Airsoft & Paintball in the battle field.

Specification of the mask
– There are the AIR FLOW at the nose area and the outlet of the steam at the eyes area (FOG FREE). The air will be drained away at the overleaf of the mask when the breath against with the front of the mask.
– Great vision of the eye.It can be used all-around because lens putting angles trim with moving of the human’s eyes.
– Deepness of the mask is long that will be able to protect your ears.
– Salem mask has Perfect fit 6 point strap and doesn’t annoy you between you are in the battle field.
-You can choose clear lens or high quality steel mesh.
-Colour that paint on the mask hard to damage when you playing in the battle ground.

Receiving of painting work
You can design a mask by yourself or order it that is like a team.

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