Ugly Milsim Markers

Attaining an adequate milsim aesthetic is not the hardest thing in the world. You take a run of the mill paintball marker and slap an AR-15ish mag, stock and handguard on it, and you’ll get a passable milsim marker. However, there are several companies who have recently released “milsim” markers that are, in a word, embarrassing.

Case 1: The Inspire BFG

I have no problem with speedball markers inside a milsim shell, but this is just a bizarre creation. The grip/trigger assembly doesn’t look like it would be at home in a milsim or speedball marker, the magazine is dinky and the centre feed ruins the rail system.
The real kicker is that if you decide to trash your BFG, good luck breaking it:

Case 2: The Kingman Stormer

The Stormer’s magazine outdoes even the BFG, mimicking the look of an AR-15, with the size of an MP5 mag. What cracks me up is how the flash hider on the barrel has an orange strip, when not only is it not legally necessary, but I doubt anyone would mistake this for a real firearm. On a side note, this is one of Kingman’s new .50 cal paintball markers.
Case 3: Tiberius T4
The T4 marker itself is, in my opinion, gorgeous. However, as soon as you put the magazine in the magwell, all of that beauty is thrown out the window. Hopefully Tiberius will be rectifying this problem in the near future.

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