MCM Releases K1 Marker

Full specs to follow. Marker will be ready in April.
Unique design with integrated loader similar to Rotor.
Charger based (50 or 150 balls)Will only be retailed or distributed on ezcreation.caMarker design is finished which is why we held the news for so long.
Production starting in March – Marker available in April.
There will be pre-ordering and multipayment available to help finance it.

More information to follow…

It compared to a real FN P90
And a picture of the loader.
I will post up more information about it when it comes available. There is talk that this is a battery driven micro-compressor marker which means it makes it’s own air on gun, no need for bulk tanks. I will confirm when it comes up in conversation again, mcb and the nation are talking about the differences and we’re waiting for the manufacturer to come out and say. Estimated price at the moment is $1500.00.


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